Clothes maketh a man. Sometimes, they maketh a man look stupid. Now, I understand we're all fascinated with those cool t-shirts, the ones with something badass written on them, which in turn make us look badass.

But there are times when in our quest to wear awesomeness, we end up wearing... well embarrassment. And the worst part is that we're blissfully unaware of it. Like these people out here.

1. Seriously girls, what are you doing?

Source: Full Popat

2. Better luck next time, girls.

Source: Zappa

3. Casanova detected.

Source: Santabanta

4. Featured here, the Irony-Man.

Source: News Beast

5. That's what happens when you don't make it to the World Cup finals.

Source: My Hindi Forum

6. Truth hurts but not Mr. Nitin Gadkari.

Source: Mast Egg

7. Virat Kohli teaching a little biology.

Source: South Live

8. Hope his husband appreciates his gesture.

Source: What the fail

9. Oh, he does.

Source: Temsilicaps

10. Well, that escalated quickly.

Source: Reddit

11. Smooth criminal.

Source: Twtrland

12. Dick move by the designer.

Source: Firsttoknow

13. Such look. Much lust.

Source: Tasteless Yokels

14. Erm.

Source: Funny Junk

15. Everybody back down!

Source: Nightstalkers ed

16. No wonder he's not smiling.

Source: Izismile

17. I don't think she should be standing next to him.

Source: Joneame

18. You the man!

Source: 24 Sata

19. Oh, so that's what a dickhead looks like.

Source: Bekon

20. Wrong place. Wrong time. Wrong T-shirt.

Source: PSU

21. I don't think the feeling is mutual.

Source: You laugh for me

22. Nobody listens to daddy. Ever.

Source: Bogley

23. Badass detected.

Source: Lolz Book

24. Such a cute way of saying it.

Source: Faxo

25. Shhhh...!

Source: Foka

26. And you thought Putin was a badass.

Source: Show Viral

27. And the award for best dad goes to...

Source: Motika

28. It's all about the timing.

Source: Picsfarms

29. Dirty Mind test.

Source: Tosh

30. Have a blast, they said.

Source: Karmadecay

Moral of the story- Always judge a T-shirt by it's cover. Peace!