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Let’s face it. There are two kinds of people in this world – beer lovers and beer drinkers. While the latter might be clueless, the former definitely know that nothing can ever come close to these 10 borderline-heavenly moments:

“He was a wise man who invented beer.” – Plato

1. That first gulp you take after cracking open a cold one.

2. When your friend surprises you with a 6-pack of your favourite brand.

3. When you open a pint with your majestic teeth and your friends go…

4. When you find a bottle of your favourite beer in the most unexpected place.

5. When you pour one perfectly with just the right amount of froth!

6. When you almost make it for the happy hours.

7. That moment when after having tasted hundreds of beers, you finally figure out your go-to brand which has just the right bitterness.

Low, medium, high? You know exactly which one’s for you.

8. When you realize that your S.O. is a beer guzzler just like you.

9. When it’s burning outside and you know that you’re stocked up for the day. 

10. You get a serious hoppy high when there’s a beer fest happening in town. Especially, if it has kickass offers!

2+1 on Bira 91? Free Flow Fest… Here I come!