While a MTV Roadies without Raghu and Rajiv is unimaginable, we still let life play out and suggest some options for the duo.

Yes it’s official. The two French-bearded men with no hair will no longer be abusing younger boys and girls (mostly with hair) on national television. Raghu and Rajiv have decided to quit MTV Roadies. Yes, believe it.

The two are set to be replaced by none other than Bollywood actress Esha Deol and boxer Vijender Singh.

1. Be anger management counselors

As they say, the best way to learn is to teach. No money back guarantee though.

Source: India.com

2. Try out stage acting

They certainly know their nautanki . Besides, double-role in a live play. How cool is that?

Source: magnamags.com

3. Become holy f*%#^!g babas

With names like Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman, everything seems to be in place for their next holy venture. It’s the perfect time to capture an open market with most of the country’s established holy-men being behind bars. Be prepared for some hard-hitting gyaan .

Source: magnamags.com

4. Open a hair salon for the bald

Because only the one’s who don’t have it, can appreciate it.R & R Hairdressers: We specialize in designer wigs

Source: eurowebonline.com

5. Try singing

RELEASING SOON: Raghu & Rajiv’s debut single Bho***ke

It worked for Honey Singh. So why not?

Source: gopixpic.com

6. Co-host Newshour with Arnab

The nation will have no choice but to listen now.

Source: cii.com

7. Become Farah Khan’s bodyguards

Because she might be looking for some after Happy New Year. Lots of angry viewers are asking for their money back.

Source: bharatstudent.com

8. Get into professional dancing

We have seen them making others dance to their tune. Surely watching them shake a leg would be a nice change.

Source: abplive.in

9. Wear a politician’s ‘Topi’ for a living

There is certainly no lack of vocal-cords for the job.

Source: mid-day.com

10. Stalk Madhavan full-time

They certainly seem like big fans of the man.

Source: timesofindia.com

As interesting as it would be to see the fiery duo in one of these avatars, it looks like we would have to wait a while because they have joined hands with marketing veteran Ravi Luthra to start a new content and communications hub.

Oh come on, you guys. So much disappointment.