Yo Yo Honey Singh and Badshah. Two of the biggest rappers Indian music industry has ever seen. Once great friends, these two music titans had even collaborated on a song called Get Up Jawani.

Source: Bollywood Life

However, shaadi aur ladai kabhi bhi ho sakti hai. As happened with these two friends turned foes.

Trouble started when Yo Yo Honey Singh slyly compared himself to a Rolls Royce and Badshah to a Nano car.

We kid you not. Check out the video proof by ABP Sanjha right here.

And now, according to a news report by DNA, the two had a war of words recently at a party. Now whether or not that’s true, we wondered as to how they must’ve fought! Both of them are rappers, so we’re assuming they must’ve dissed each other via words.

As explained hilariously by these memes we made specially for you. Check ’em out.

Stop fighting, guys. Make some great music instead. Peace!