Some people are clumsy, some are irresponsible, and then there are some who are the mayors of ‘fucking-it-up’ town. Many times their mistakes are overlooked, but then there are times when they catch the spotlight of the Internet and go viral like crazy. While I’m sure a lot of these people have lost their jobs for messing up, but in doing so, they at least went out giving us a good laugh.

Here are 45 people who screwed up their one simple job:

1. The guy who misunderstood extra cheese.

2. The guy who probably never found out the website’s URL.

3. The man who installed the railing that doesn’t give a fuck where the stairs go.

4. The colourblind employee who we should all feel bad for.

5. The guy who created a tongue twister.

6. And wanted to create an entirely new position.

7. The person who decided to mess with our OCD!

8. Like really!

9. The Fanta employee who was on coke for sure.

10. The convenience store that decided to be inconvenient.

11. The store employee who rolled one before putting this up.

12. The shopkeeper who really believes in magic.

13. The genius who attached this bell.

14. This news team that thought Bill Cosby released an album.

15. The math genius who counted these bananas.

16. The horny guy who wrote this.

17. The channel that labeled PM Tony Abbott. 

18. This person who should have been hired to design the maze for Harry Potter in the 4th movie.

19. This driver who believed in this company all too much.

20. The news worker who perfectly summarized the story on screen.

21. The person McDonald’s paid to put up this sign.

22. The guy who thought that using the sink should be a challenge.

23. The smart-ass who put this railing in the most effective way.

24. The person who really grasped the meaning of save & sale all too well.

25. The guy who thought the car was part of the road.

26. The person who thought $1 apples are actually bananas.

27. The guy who placed this poll.

28. The expert who tried saving space.

29. The guy who thought that placing phones inside the booth is too mainstream.

30. The person who made life confusing for all those trying to get through that door.

31. The company that made this super-duper hero bag!

32. The designer who ‘imagined’ John Lennon’s dream of no countries.

33. This person who wants a boy to be a little girly.

34. The painter who surely won a spelling bee.

35. The toy company that wanted to give kids a lesson in being drunk really early.

36. The guy who placed this highly effective barricade.

37. This architect who complicated the whole suicide-from-the-balcony routine.

38. This person who dared women to do the impossible.

39. The person who thought that the stairs on the right are easier for the handicapped than the ones on the left!

40. The man who brilliantly placed this fan that will soon have no blades. 

41. The architect who discriminated while ‘reserving’ space for this window.

42. This guy who accidentally created the most masculine logo: A penis with a moustache!

43. The man who designed this ‘once’ in a lifetime ride for kids.

44. The guy who wanted to test your ‘zig-zag’ bicycle skills

45. This designer who made a sweat pants with sleeves.

Let’s have a moment of silence for Mr Logic, who died a slow, antagonising and extremely painful death.

Images have been sourced from: pulplastic and huffingtonpost