Released in 1998, Soldier was one of Bobby Deol’s finest cinematic offerings.

Directed by Abbas-Mustan, the film was a huge success at the box-office.

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It was already cracking meta humour even before people knew what meta humour was.

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And one of the biggest reasons for the film’s success was Bobby Deol.

Yes, everybody in that movie was awesome.

Like the perennially sad Johnny Lever.

And the psychotic ‘Jojo’.

But the one guy who took the cool quotient to another level was Bobby Deol.

I mean how many people can use this feature on Microsoft Paint? 

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He was so cool in it, he ended up inspiring the Wolverine look.

The story was simple. 

An honest armyman is killed while intercepting some corrupt officials. 

And his son then spends the rest of the movie romancing a beautiful girl and avenging his father’s death on the side.

The movie gave swag goals to an entire generation. 

Bobby Deol was the original ‘sakht launda’ of the 90s.

And, he could stop a moving train with a simple gesture. How cool is that?


No one could fool him. The man was walking around with an extra hand to shoot people. There’s no topping that.

Also, in the end, he doesn’t shoot his enemies.

He maims them and feeds them to the vultures.

Badass AF.

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We need Soldier 2. Abbas-Mustan, are you listening?