People tell me I’m like my mother. They’re wrong.

I mean, I look like her, talk like her and sometimes, think like her. But I could never be her. Because she was always so much more. While I’m here, still trying to figure life out, she had it all sorted. I’m a grown-up lusting after all things shiny, and what was she doing at that age? She was saving for my future. Yeah, shame on me.

I guess I’m not alone here? While we’re crying about our jobs and relationships, our moms had so much more going on when they were our age and the amazing thing is, they made it look so easy! 

If thinking of your supermom’s younger days makes you feel like a loser, here, let me rub it in a little more.

You have one job. When your mom was your age, she had ten thousand jobs. And unlike you, she aced them all. 

While you even manage to burn Maggi sometimes, ma managed to keep everyone’s tastebuds happy without burning the house down.

You turn into a baby every time you fall ill. Your mom couldn’t because already had a baby to look after.

You just can’t grow up. Your mom had to grow up, so you could be a baby even at 25.

At your age, your mom was tackling bigger and more complicated issues than you are right now.

You are still looking for love. Or, for the meaning of love. When your mom was your age, she had already discovered it.

Your life is caught between changing relationship statuses on FB. Your mom at that age, was way ahead of you.

You’re still struggling to grow up. Your mom was struggling with you.

You want your childhood back. At your age, your mom wished for the same thing, not for her but for you.

What we wish for vs what our moms wished for at our age. Shame. Shame. Shame.

Our moms are so amazing, it’s totally their fault that we turned out so useless. Amirite? 

Illustrations by Aroop Mishra