Indian food is known for its tongue-tingling flavour, delicious measurements of ingredients and aroma. There are so many forms of “Indian food” too, in every region, and even households of the country. With masaale daans and complete disregard for measuring tools, every spice and vegetable has its own reason, making food more flavourful. One thing that remains constant, though, is the priority to not waste any amount of food.


Why put the utensil to wash as is if there is food still stuck to it? Pour water, swirl and put it in! Arguably…it enhances the flavour. Don’t ask me why, but it just adds to the experience.

This Twitter thread left people appreciating and in splits at a Youtube comment that spoke of this exact phenomenon of appreciating the food scrapings and masala the most.

It truly is a gesture to “respect the culture”, as melodramatic as it sounds.

It is known in Indian households that every bit can be reused, or at least, used to its complete potential- from old t-shirts, household items to leftover food. Hum toh bachpan se recycle karte aae hain.

It really is blasphemy to my ancestors, whom I can hear yelling, “Arre, usme khaana bacha hai! Aise kaise rakh diya?”
, Naani.

Some users were concerned about the use of the Karhi mix too. Ghar ka khaana > pre-packaged food!

India Times

This is the perfect tweet to end off everything on. Do NOT waste food, otherwise desi Twitter will roast you.