Stand-up comedian Zakir Khan is back with his latest comedy series Kaksha Gyarvi. In this show, he takes a hilarious stand on the experiences he has had being a part of an all-boys school. 

He starts off with a serious problem. 

All of us have faced that moment when our parents expressed their wish to open a social media account. 

Being in an all-boys school is a different experience altogether.

Especially, when you enter sixth standard from primary school.  

That age, when the hormones in your body are at a high and you feel that you can do just about anything.

Those teenage days are full of energy and aggression.

When you get into a co-ed school from a boys school, life changes drastically. Everything seems to be so new.

And as expected, he falls for the most beautiful girl of the class, Natasha. Studying with her just to spend more time with her.

Bullies and fights that you get into when you fall for someone in your first co-ed school. And what happens after that is a tale you should listen to from Zakir Khan himself.

He touches upon an important aspect of our lives that we still live in a kabeela, where the rules are ‘maut bardasht hai, dhokha bardasht nahi‘ and go on to do things even against our survival instincts.

Watch the entire video here.