There’s something about optical illusions that we love challenging ourselves with them. And now that most of us are at home and have a lot of free time, this one picture of two zebras is going viral on social media.


The photo was clicked by an Indian wildlife photographer, Sarosh Lodhi, in Africa last year. But a challenge recently shared by a Twitter user, Parveen Kaswan, has left people scratching their heads.

The challenge is to tell which of the two zebras is in the front.


While there was a mix of answers from among left and right…

… some people even tried to explain the logic behind their answers.

This one particular person took it too seriously.

There were those who drew analogies. I’m guessing that was easier than solving the puzzle.

These people knew it was a fun exercise indeed.

The image is just out of the world and so it was natural to see some people saying that the image isn’t real or it’s photo-shopped. 

The photographer himself explained how he clicked the picture in a conversation with Insider. He said:

I was clicking a dazzle of zebras in Maasai Mara, trying out various creative images. That’s when I saw these two approaching each other. Expecting some interaction or nuzzling between the two, I kept my focus glued on to this pair. They kept coming closer and closer and to my utter amusement they reached an alignment that caused a total illusion.

Oh! I forgot mujhe bhi solve karna hai. Okay. Bye.