I am disappointed that when you search for the word ‘vanity’ on Google, it doesn’t return Zlatan as the answer. 

I mean, the man says stuff about himself, like:

This one was probably (PROBABLY) a joke, but safe to say, he thinks about himself in very, very high regard. Here are 14 other quotes by the star, the almighty, the blessing-in-form-of-a-human: Zlatan Ibrahimovic (about himself).

1. World Cup < Zlatan. Sweden < Zlatan. LA Galaxy < Zlatan. Football < Zlatan

2. Someone asked him the possible result of a World Cup play-off match between Portugal and Sweden; this was his answer.

3. And lived like a lion among insignificant humans.

4. Zlatan is so great, his plan B is better than his plan A.

5. Zlatan doesn’t get a trophy, trophy gets Zlatan.

6. Now, who can argue that?

7. When someone asked him what he will gift his wife on her birthday, this is what Zlatan said. 

8. This is the best thing ever said about the Ferraris. 

9. Without a speck of doubt. 

10. Same, Zlatan. Hah!

11. John Carew said that some of Zlatan’s skills were ‘pointless’. 

Naive Carew.

12. Zlatan will play football on water, if it ever comes to that.

13. Just like an injured tiger. 

14. The answer is Zlatan.

If you go to his Twitter account, you will find gems like these from his fans:

When Graham Bell invented the telephone, he had three missed calls from Zlatan.

Zlatan doesn’t make left turns. Everything he does is right.

Zlatan’s keyboard does not have a delete button because Zlatan does not make mistakes.When Zlatan comes to your house, you are the guest.

Truly, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a breathing self-help guide for those struggling with self-worth issues. What have we even done to deserve him?