Bans have become the flavour of the season and it turns out they have contagious elements as well. After Indian government banned pornographic content on the Internet amid much hue and cry, it was Bangladesh’s turn to ban Bollywood movies and Hindi songs in their country.

However, we refuse to believe anything good is going to come out of such a mindless ban and that’s exactly when we began investigating the real reason why Bangladesh banned Bollywood.

Here are 10 hilarious memes which tell you the real reason behind the ban:

1. Let’s start with the obvious reason.

2. Smuggling Bollywood DVDs back home.

3. ‘Tit’ for tat.

4. Aren’t they too many of them?

5. No luck even in Bangladesh, Mr Chauhan.

6. You’ve got to give this one to Bangladeshis.

7. The bhabhi of Bangladesh looks happier with the king of Bollywood.

8. Bangladesh’s national animal, graciously accepted by Bollywood.

9. Why you pick your own wounds Bangladesh?

10. Keep calm and keep trusting Bangladesh’s PM, Ms Sheikh Hasina.