The Britishers brought the English language to India. Though we did not like them and eventually managed to drive them out of our country, we liked their language and kept it. Soon enough, many English words became an essential part of our language. In fact, many English words have taken the place of their Hindi counterparts when it comes to everyday usage.

So here are a few words in English whose Hindi translations you may, or may not have, forgotten.

Click on the image to find out the Hindi translations. Have fun!

1. You rode one when you were a kid. But do you know what it’s called in Hindi?

2. The next time you’re waiting at a traffic signal, impress your co-passengers by saying “Traffic Signal” in Hindi.

3. Did one just light up over your head? Or will you have to flip to find out?

4. Smokers might get this right. Or not…

5. Everyone could get this right. Or not…

6. You’ll laugh when you find out.

7. Easy right? Not really.

8. Here’s a pretty useless hint. It has something to do with water.

9. So, where are you headed?

10. You’ve attended “tuition” classes right? Now translate the word for a 100 marks!

11. Saying your own surname and claiming you got it right is cheating.

12. If you’re an engineer and you can’t get this right then that’s 4 years down the drain.

13. Yes, there is a Hindi word for this.

14. The easiest one by far.

15. You won’t be expecting this one.

16. It has something to do with reflections.

17. Not an easy concept at all.

18. This one’s deceptively simple.

19. “Izzat ka sawaal hai.” Please get this one right.

So… How many did you get?