This article is NOT based on historic accuracy. In fact, it defies it. The work published is only meant to be taken in humour and not to offend anyone. The circumstances mentioned would not have been possible given the dateline or the events that followed.

There is no doubt that the British left behind their legacy after they were driven out of our country in 1947. But what if we were not invaded by them but a different European superpower? The Germans, for instance. How different would our history be, if Hitler too had succeeded in his quest of South East Asia.

Here are 21 things that would’ve happened if the Germans had ruled us instead of the British:

1. Our secondary language would be German.

We would have gone to German medium schools.

2. We would have been forced to draw the Swastika differently.


3. Adolf Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi would have had an epic rivalry.

Violence vs non-violence. Rage vs ahimsa. What an epic battle that would’ve been, with Gandhi obviously winning at the end!

4. And all Bollywood villains would have looked like Hitler post Independence.

Mogambo would have been Hitler and destroyed by Mr India. Imagine Amrish Puri with that moustache.

5. Lagaan would have been made on football instead.

Kachra may have had a different role though.


6. Places like Ramgarh would have been Ramburg.

7. Our troops would have forced to fight against the Allies.

Our soldiers fought for the British Raj during World War II. But with the Germans in charge, we may have been forced to point our guns the other way.


8. And Hitler’s dream of having Dhyan Chand in his hockey team would have come true.

We all know that he wanted Major Dhyan Chand to play for Germany but the Indian legend refused.


9. There would’ve been a wall splitting Delhi into two.

Yamuna-paar wall. Separating East Delhi from the rest.


10. And we would have had the pleasure of breaking it down.

We all know that would have been fun.

11. We would have counted to three like this.


12. Hamburgers would have been a part of our history.


13. We would’ve enjoyed the Oktoberfest sooner.


14. We would have also witnessed a Football World Cup by now.

And we might even have been defending champions.


15. And cricket may not have been as popular.

That is just so hard to believe.


16. Beethoven’s music could have been a part of our history as well.

17. Mein Kampf would have been part of the curriculum.

Hitler would have wanted us to know his story of success. Even though it didn’t last long.

18. BMW would have been introduced in India years before it did.

Tata & Hindustan Motors would been given a run for their money.


19. Albert Einstein might have stayed in India.

We all know Einstein was German born. If he was in India, he could have collaborated with so many other great Indian thinkers like he did with Satyendra Nath Bose.


20. Many monuments would have been named differently.

The Victoria Memorial may have been Louise Memorial after Queen Louise, who was the ideal German woman according to Nazi propaganda.


21. Also, you would be reading this article in German.

Inadvertently, Hitler did help India gain Independence as he destroyed the economies of many European super powers, Great Britain included. They did not have adequate resources left to continue ruling over another country. Although Hitler did show his support to Subhash Chandra Bose, he masked his true purpose of dividing Asia and splitting the spoils with Japan.

We had true heroes who helped get our country back from the British Raj and we salute them. But had any other country tried to do that, they would have suffered the same fate.

Jai Hind!