It’s that time of the year when women all over India stay hungry and thirsty for one entire day only to prove their love for their well, better halves. Karva Chauth is a tradition that’s been passed down for ages. It’s a simple concept; the wife remains hungry and the husband lives a happy, long life. Yes, it seems like a sweet, romantic gesture but have you ever wondered what goes on through the wife’s mind while she remains devoid of FOOD? Well, blame Bollywood for glamorizing this practice because here’s the real difference between how Karva Chauth is portrayed in Bollywood and what it really is in reality:

1. According to Bollywood, women look super pretty in spite of not eating or drinking anything. But in reality, it’s quite the opposite.

Bollywood Shaadis

2. Bollywood showed us that a wife can do an entire dance routine and sing on an empty stomach. But then reality shows up.

Miss Malini

3. When it’s time to break the Vrath , Bollywood showed us the reason the wife looks so happy is because of a) the moon and b) her husband obviously! But she’s actually imagining all the food she’s going to be eating. Thus the smile!

Source: Rediff

4. In Bollywood, the husband keeps a fast too but in reality, this is what the husbands do.

The Guardian

5. In Bollywood, this is how Karva Chauth ends. But in reality, the end is very different, because, you know, no food.

Bollywood Shaddis

6. In Bollywood, the wife breaks her fast after looking at the moon. But in reality, this is what the moon actually looks like in her mind.

Source: In

7. Even unwed couples keep this fast as a sign of love and loyalty because you know, it’s Bollywood. But in reality, unwed couples do this!


8. According to Bollywood, both the husband and wife are as excited to see the moon. But in reality, it’s the husband who’s a little more relieved because now he won’t have to deal with a cranky and hungry wife.


9. In Bollywood, sargi is that beautiful hour of the day when everyone gets together and eats well before the fast. In reality, sargi is all about eating and just eating.


10. Bollywood finds it necessary to picture a song on the day of Karva Chauth but in reality, the only song playing in the fastee’s head is this one!


Why so sweet, yaar? Itni formality acche nahi hoti. Be yourself rather than pretending to be someone else. Don’t be so sweet this Karva Chauth. Instead, be a little bindass and chatpata, like Kurkure and this guy…

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