How many times have we all sat across the table from our date and contemplated this thought, while internally pulling our hair out. For many a century, men and women have tried (and mostly failed) to decode what transpires in the mind of the opposite sex, specifically their dates’. No, we’re not claiming we’ve solved one of the mysteries of the universe. We’ll leave that to people a whole lot smarter than us. We’re just saying we thought it’d be fun to look at some of the most common things that run though our minds when we’re on a date. Because let’s be honest, #ItsADateIf you’re second guessing yourself all the way. Here you go:

“I wish I knew what they were thinking!”

1. The first and most important question that pops into a guy’s head: “Where?”

2. Because there’s bound to be a difference in opinion.

3. Then there’s that thing about breaking the ice…

4. Both parties tend to assume a lot about each other.

5. The best of intentions backfire sometimes.

6. It’s not how you start a date, it’s how you finish that matters.

7. Personal grooming. You will be judged…

8. There’s always the looming threat of a domineering “Bhai”.

9. There’s the nervousness.

10. And the mistakes in perception.

11. Sometimes people mistake “talking” with “throwing words” at each other.

12. Of course, the Dutch are known to play spoilsport in any date.

While the experience of dating itself might differ depending on your perspective, but at the end of it all, everyone wants the same thing. Someone special to share a connection with. And with Truly Madly, you’ve got the right people to help. So, what’s a date for you? Tweet your side of the story to @thetrulymadly using the hashtag #ItsADateIf .

These brilliant posters were designed by Aakansha Pushp.

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