The dark, sacred night has something almost magical about it, which many haven’t discovered yet. And for the few of us who have, we swear by its awesomeness! Staying up late isn’t a symptom of ‘something wrong.’ It’s a way of life. And for those of us who have embraced the nocturnal life, there are certain things people say that make our ears bleed:

1. “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Then how come you don’t own a Ferrari?

2. ” Saale Vampire ki aulaad …”

I’m thirsty.

3. “You’ll get under-eye bags and dark circles.”

And horns and fangs perhaps?

4. “Go to sleep.”


5. “Turn off the lights.”

You are making the world a dark place.

6. ” Tu karta kya hai poori raat?

Watch you sleep.

7. ” Tu karta kya hai poori raat? ” * wink wink*


8. “How will you go to work in the morning?”

Who works in the morning?

9. “You’re ruining your health.”

No, you are doing that for me.

10. “Are you scared of the dark?”

Did you forget? Main toh Vampire ki aulaad hoon na .

11. ” Yeh kya raatri jaagran karte rehte ho?

Badtameez dil mane na, mane na.

12. “So, who’s been keeping you up all night?”

Abey !

13. “You need to correct your body clock.”

Why, does yours have an alarm?

14. “Aisa kab tak chalega?”

Jab tak hai jaan

15. ” Bhai, aaj hum dono saath mein jaagte hain!

I’m going to sleep.

16. “You’re missing out on the most beautiful part of the day.”

No dude, you are.

17. “Call Centre/Ad Agency mein kaam karte ho?”

School/College mein kaam karte ho?

18. “Were you partying last night?”

No. But when I do, you’re not invited.

19. “@#$&* you scared me!”

It was so easy.

20. ” Abey tu sota kab hai ?”

When the time is right.