Have you ever seen a friend or sibling do something that has grossed you out so much that it pretty much taught you a lesson on ‘What not to do.’ Well, these confessions by Redditors will have you feeling the same way. In this article, we’ve covered a Reddit discussion where people have revealed the most disgusting things they’ve done, and it’ll either make you question humanity on all levels or make you realise some of your secret habits aren’t all that sanitary.

Take a look:

1. “All my life I wiped my toothbrush on the hand towel to dry it up until my sister asked what the fuck I was doing.”


2. “As an Asian, I was always taught to throw used toilet paper in the trash bin. It wasn’t until I went on a school trip to Italy the chaperone mentioned ‘The plumbing system here isn’t as good as the USA, so you guys are just gonna have to throw it in the tcrash bin’ and everyone went ‘Ew.’ and that’s when I learned that it was gross to throw toilet paper in the trash bin since the issue was you’re basically having sh*t bits sitting around in a bin.”


3. “For years I didn’t wash my belly button because it was really sensitive, so I hated being touched there. Turns out if you wash it consistently it desensitises.”


4. “As a child, I would dig up bits of clay from the local sandbox. It wasn’t as good as play-doh, so I would cast it aside and continue digging. Maybe I didn’t have a very good sense of smell at that age, because I was well into adulthood before I realised it was probably cat shit.”


5. “I flushed my tampons my whole life until I was about 30. No one had taught me they weren’t flushable. I stupidly thought they were like toilet paper. One expensive and embarrassing plumbing problem later, I never did it again.”


6. “I pick my nose (privately, then wash my hands). I just can’t deal with a clogged nose & my fingers work better than a tissue ever could.”


7. “I bite my nails and then use them to pick my teeth. I may or may not have many intestinal worms in a constant death match inside me but I’ve never seen a victor emerge.”


8. “I would only brush my teeth after breakfast, and I would rarely eat breakfast. So most days I would only brush my teeth at night. I figured ‘Well I brushed last night and haven’t eaten anything since, so why should I brush again?'”


9. “I use my earring to scrape out the muck from under my nails, then put the earring back in my ear.”


10. “I used to leave the lid of the toilet open while flushing. Oh the sharticles.”


11. “Used to wait until a towel smelled weird to swap it out.”


12. “I used to take sh*ts, would wipe for a bit, but if it was taking too long I would just stuff a wad of toilet paper in my butt crack and deal with it later.”


What a wild ride these confessions were.