With great ‘power’, comes greater responsibility. And who would know that better than the ones who carry the massive burden of wearing glasses.  If the sad reality of wearing them is not enough, rest assured, it comes with multitudes of problems you didn’t see coming. Here are 30 frustrating problems you face once you say hello to them glasses.

1. You’re embarrassed every time you have to take them off for a picture. Your face never looks as weird.

2. With the constant cleaning and wiping, playing Holi in glasses is your biggest nightmare.

3. Looking straight into your lover’s eyes during romantic strolls in the rain becomes a task.

4. Swimming with your glasses on is simply not an option.

5. Whether you’re cooking, sipping hot tea or getting out of an air-conditioned car, rest assured your glasses will fog up and you will be rendered temporarily blind.

6. It makes a sweet, romantic French Kiss seem like a World War.

7. So what if you spent 3 hours perfecting the winged liner? At the end of the day, nobody will get to see it.

8. No matter where you go, some guy or the other calls you “Nerdy,” “Geeky,” or “Padhaku.”

9. You train yourself not to drop anything on the floor ever. It’s clearly a death-trap for your glasses.

10. Thankfully, when you’re fed up with your frames and spectacles are just not an option, lenses come to the rescue.

11. Can you run on a treadmill at your gym while wearing your spectacles? No.

12. That dreadful moment when a basketball, cricket ball or football comes flying straight for your face.

13. And the moment when you’re dancing and someone gives you a  high-five. On the face. With their elbows.

14. Changing clothes in a trial room takes twice as long when you’re a bespectacled soul.

15. When people ask someone who just started wearing specs, “Dude, Why you blink so much?”

16. You can’t even cry without thinking about your glasses first.

17. You fume like a chimney when you hear words like “chashmish.” This isn’t Kal Ho Na Ho bro and you’re not Shahrukh Khan.

18. No matter how much you spend on trendy frames, you still have to put them on.

19. You automatically look 10 years older for your age.

20. You hate those tan lines beside your eyes!

21. Sometimes, you put them on and take them off just to cross check if what you see is actually what you see.

22. You regret buying those Ray Bans!

23. You become 50% less attractive on your dates.

24. You go ‘meh’ when people say,” You look so much better without your glasses!”

25. You shy away from watching 3D movies.

26.  When you forget that you’re wearing contacts and try to put on your glasses anyway…

27. If you are a guy with glasses, think not twice, but thrice before you get into a fight.

28. Some people think it’s funny to hide them. “HA Bloody HA!”

29. And finally, when you forget where you’ve kept them, you get a taste of how it is to be blind.

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