Whether it’s catching your phone right before it falls on the ground (phew…) or just grabbing the very last piece of your favourite chocolate from a store shelf, we all (okay, at least some of us) have had our fair share of luck sometimes. However, there are a few mother-freaking-insanely-fortunate people on the the Earth who are way, way more lucky than you ever will be! Let me introduce you to them:

1. This basketball prodigy who had planned this beforehand.

2. This REALLY SMOOTH biker who had everything under control.

3. This pedestrian who had timed his moonwalk just perfectly.

4. This person who just wanted to buy a drink.

5. This guy who caught death with a baseball glove.

6. This woman who just had a really close shave.

7. This deer who must have practised this move quite a lot of times.

8. This person who was too determined to cross the road.

9. This overly-dedicated cameraman.

10. This guy who probably got to work on time.

11. This woman who doesn’t give a DAMN at all.

12. This guy who was just out for a peaceful stroll.

13. This parkour professional who loves living dangerously.

14. This skateboarder who will try to master this move someday.

15. This guy who just caught a bird out of nowhere!

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All the gifs have been sourced from Giphy

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