Rules are meant to be broken. And we Indians literally swear by it. The land of jugaad abounds in offenders aplenty. Most of us are guilty of violating the law at some point or the other. But in most cases, we get away with it because after all yeh India hai.

Here are 33 photos that prove that we are the kings of rule breaking. Some of these are outrageously funny.

1. Woman on top.

Source: storyglitz

2. Staunch supporters of Kiran Bedi there.

Source: prahaar

3. These 2 wheeler owners definitely can’t read English.

Source: newsvews

4. And they say Kerala is the most literate state.

Source: karmakerala

5. It’s not always the aam aadmi who breaks the rules.

Source: bikimedia

6. Hum toh yahi khadi karnege. Jo ukhaadna hai ukhaad lo.

Source: papaheroes

7. Gaay humaari maata hai, humko kuch nahi aata hai!

8. Rok sako toh rok lo.

Source: newsvews

9. And then they say we break rules!

Source: newsvews

10. Who are you to tell us what to do and what not to.

Source: storyglitz

11. Khule mein peshaab karna mera pesha hai!

Source: magicmineya

12. It’s raining men.

Source: newsvews

13. When I see free food, I don’t give a fuck about rules.

Source: storyglitz

14. Very special indeed!

Source: newsvews

15. Be careful of that bumper.

16. Trying a Sallu from Kick.

Source: storyglitz

17. Whatever that is… it is a lot.

Source: explosion

18. Dhoom 4 in the making?

Source: magicmineya

19. Winners don’t do things different things, they do things differently.

Source: storyglitz

20. Too much swag.

Source: magicmineya

21. No number plate, no helmet. They call me Dabangg for a reason.

Source: thehindu

22. Hum aaye hai UP Bihar lootne.

Source: hindustantimes

23. Nobody can multitask like we can.

Source: dnaindia

24. Eyes on on the road, brother.

25. I just hope that he’s not carrying a lighter.

Source: explosion

26. Warning : Merging traffic ahead.

Source: quora

27. Footpath pe galti se bhi mat sona.

Source: storyglitz

28. Why should ladies have all the fun?

29. School chale hum.

Source: explosion

30. Yeah yeah. Call me a suar. .. Do you think I give a flying fuck?

31. UFO spotted.

Source: weboffunny

32. The world has lost it.

Source: spi0n

33. This traffic signal included.

Source: misleddit

Yeh India hai, yahaan sab chalta hai!