Us women can be quite confusing. More often than not, we have all been guilty of hiding behind false expressions, hoping whosoever we’re talking to can read our minds, especially that “special someone.”

But today, I am making life easy for every man we have ever tried to confuse! Here’s a comprehensive low down of what we say and what we really mean when we say it. So, boys, pay close attention!

1. What we say: “Do I look fat?”

What we mean: “I have been cheating on my diet for the past four days and now the weekend is here. I need you to tell me I look good.”


2. What we say: “It is up to you how you want to go about it.”

What we mean: “Careful! You are on thin ice. I’ll judge every word you say. I’ll also judge you if you don’t say anything!”

3.What we say: “I like your friends, but…”

What we mean: “I downright hate them.”

4. What we say: “I am fine.”

What we mean: “Oh hell no! I am nowhere close to being fine. In fact, I am livid.”

5. What we say: “I just want a guy who can make me laugh. A good sense of humour is so important!”

What we mean: “I just want a HOT, FINANCIALLY STABLE, BRAD PITT LOOK-ALIKE, who can make me laugh.”

6. What we say: “I don’t know where to go. Let’s go somewhere for dinner.”

What we mean: “You better take me to my favourite restaurant, or else you are dead meat!”

7. What we say: “I am not jealous of her.”

What we mean: “I am totally jealous of her. She’s the reason I have insecurities.”

8. What we say: “I don’t want anything for my birthday. Seriously.”

What we mean: “You have to make double the effort to think of that perfect gift for me. I am not helping you this time .”

9. What we say: “I am not upset.”

What we mean: “Because I am freakin’ furious.”

10. What we say: “Whatever.”

What we mean: “You kind of make sense, but I don’t want to admit to my mistake so, I will just say whatever.”

11. What we say: “I have left.”

What we mean: “Lol, JK…still chilling in my pajamas.”

12. What we say: “I think you should button up your shirt. It looks much better that way:-)”

What we mean: “Damn, you need some serious manscaping!”

So yes, there are some things women should be a little more obvious about. We are complicated creatures, okay? But, is there a need to remind you guys about something as rudimentary as personal hygiene and grooming? Don’t you think we feel embarrassed every time this hairy issue needs a reminder? This goes for all the guys out there, don’t be a pain for your lady and #Unpain with the Philips Body Groomer today!

Feature Image Source: Asian Outlook

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