Imagine you save money for months, bit by bit, compromising on your other desires just so you can buy the latest iPhone and put a status update on Facebook.

Finally, you buy it and just in a week, it catches fire. Sad? Well, wait for it, it also burns down your car along with? (Yes, now you can listen to Altaf Raja and cry)

Source: 7 News

This heart-wrenching incident happened in the US, when a South Coast surfer, Mat Jones left the phone under clothes in his car while taking a surf lesson. When he returned, he was shocked to discover the vehicle filled with smoke.

Source: 7 News

According to a report in 7 News, Mat said that he bought the phone just one week ago and says he hasn't dropped it or used a foreign charger. Apple hasn't commented on the issue but is investigating the complaint.

Source: 7 News

With all these reports of phones exploding, unboxing your new phone is no less than an adventurous task.

Even GTA knows about the most lethal weapon of this generation.

Source: The Daily Dot

And in the near future, this might be a possibility too.

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If you have an iPhone 7, we will just advise you to cherish every moment because... 

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