Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round! Step right up to witness the most dazzling performance on this side of the marketplace. We present to you: “The Bargain Ballet”, where price tags tremble, and wallets weep. Our star dancers? None other than your everyday shoppers, pirouetting their way through discounts like pros.

Art of Bargaining

If You’re Bad At Bargaining, Here Are 12 Simple Steps To Master The Art:

1. Believe That Everything Is Negotiable

Bargaining Tips

Bargaining is like a dance, and you’re the lead. So, step onto the floor with the confidence that every price tag is just a starting point. Whether it’s a samosa or a silk saree, channel your inner negotiator and sway to your own beat.

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2. Exclaim In Disbelief Right After Hearing The Price

Bargaining Tips

Picture this: You’re eyeing that trendy kurta, and the shopkeeper drops the bombshell price. Now, gasp dramatically! Raise your eyebrows, widen your eyes, and let out an “Bahut zyaada hai bhaiyaaa!” The shopkeeper will wonder if you’ve just discovered a hidden treasure chest.

3. If The Shopkeeper Cuts The Price Down Once, Take Cue!

art of Bargaining

Ah, the delicate dance of price reduction. When the shopkeeper trims a few rupees off, don’t just nod appreciatively. This is your cue to pirouette into action. Push for more! It’s like negotiating with a stubborn genie—rub that lamp and make your wishes known.

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4. Buying More Than One Item Is A Discount Ticket

Shopping Tips

Imagine you’re at a fixed-price shop, and you’ve got your eyes on not one, but three jazzy keychains. Hold them up like a triumphant warrior. The shopkeeper should feel honored that you’re single-handedly keeping the keychain industry afloat. Discount? Yes, please!

5. Liked Something? Never Ever Show It!

Smart Shopping Tips

You’ve spotted that perfect pair of jhumkas. Your heart flutters, but keep that poker face intact. Pretend indifference. The shopkeeper must think you’re as emotionally detached as a rock. Because once you swoon over those jhumkas, they’ve got you wrapped around their little finger.

6. Pretend To Walk Away

Shopping tips and Tricks

This move is your secret weapon. As much as you adore that handwoven stole, don’t cling to it like a koala. Quote your final price, turn on your heel, and strut away. But—here’s the twist—make it look like the shopkeeper’s losing a rare unicorn. Chances are, they’ll chase after you with a better deal.

7. Compare The Price

Bargaining Tips and Tricks

Be the Sherlock Holmes of shopping. Casually drop hints about the store three blocks away selling the same widget for peanuts. Watch the shopkeeper’s face. Is it panic or resignation? Adjust your magnifying glass and present your case. Elementary, my dear bargain hunter!

8. Play The Regular Customer Card

Art of Bargaining

Even if you’ve stepped into the shop once before, act like you’re their VIP. Declare, “Bhaiya, I practically live here!” Make the shopkeeper realize that losing you would be like losing the Kohinoor diamond. They’ll hesitate to let their precious customer slip away.

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9. Complain That Your Friend Bought The Same Thing For A Lesser Price

Shopping Tricks

Truth? Fiction? Who cares! It’s your duty to inform the shopkeeper that your bestie snagged that exact kurta for half the cost. Channel your inner gossip queen. The shopkeeper might just lower the price to keep their reputation intact.

10. Master The Art Of Puppy Eyes

Art of Shopping

Picture a fluffy puppy staring at you with those soulful eyes. Now, channel that energy. When the shopkeeper hesitates, unleash your inner puppy. Blink innocently, tilt your head, and let out a soft whimper. Works like a charm. You’ll have that discount wrapped up like a gift.

So there you have it, fellow bargain warriors! Go forth, conquer the market, and remember: Bargaining isn’t just a skill; it’s a way of life.

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