$18K is equal to 15 lakh rupees. Just putting it out there. Not that you couldn’t have done the calculation yourself. Anyway, men are paying close to 15 lakh rupees to “become the husband, father and man that you respect and admire”, because obviously. If a man hasn’t been able to figure this out in decades of living on planet Earth, of course it makes sense to pay another guy to teach him.

Now, you’d think how is the other guy going to teach them in this boot camp? By yelling.

Credit: THE MDK Project

Called Modern Day Knight (MDK) Project, the ‘camp’ invites “Entrepreneurs, Executives and Leaders who are ready for a serious BREAKTHROUGH”. And the organisers are very determined to change people. For instance, in a video that is now going viral, a man – who seems to be a leader of some sort – can be seeing shouting at the attendees. His exact words being:

“I’ll be damned, I’ll take this FUCKING knife off my FUCKING wrist and carve this FUCKING tattoo off my FUCKING hand before I let any of you FUCKING babies show up here on Friday for your graduation.”

Meanwhile, the men look at him with blank expressions.

There is another exercise where men lie down on the ground and they are sprayed with water. Yes, that makes a person the best version of themselves, I am totally on board with the idea. They are also made to do beautiful, meaningful tasks like…digging!

The truly unfortunate part is that the thought behind the project makes a lot of sense – “Many men are secretly fighting a battle within them that no one knows about”. This is in fact, correct. Men are not taught how to express themselves and suffer greatly because of it. In turn, they also make people around them suffer because the anger builds up and manifests itself in a different, often a very dangerous manner.

We wish they could find a healthy way of executing their ambition with the project, which is to make better people out of men who need help. It’s too late for wishful thinking, though. Plus, their definition of better needs to change completely. Here’s how the internet is reacting to the whole thing.

These men likely need a lot of assistance and this is the kind of assistance they sought. Sigh!