Holi is definitely about colours and good food, but it’s also a lot about bhaang. You see, bhaang is more of an experience than a thing you do. It definitely adds to the fun, and festivals become more festive if you just get to be you. There’s a reason that most Holi songs talk about bhaang. So, what we are trying to say is, it’s something a lot of people do – and without judgement, it’s normal to consider experiences. Especially when you’re also considering to have some yourself.


Here’s what Reddit had to say:

1. “First time couldn’t stop laughing. Second time me and a friend stopped at a dhabha for lunch. Had so many rotis that dhabha wale refused to give us more.”


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2. “Once during Holi, I was so hammered on bhang that when I closed my eyes, I saw Many Clocks spinning wildly. Heard temple bells ringing while Doraemon was dancing in the background. I couldn’t even lift myself up to walk to the bathroom to take a bath. So, I crawled my way to it somehow, opened the tap and slept under the running water.”


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3. “My head started spinning and I couldn’t tell if things were really happening everything felt like a dream. My thoughts became very loud and vivid and I would continue to do the same thing without any sense of how much time passed. All the negative thoughts, self criticism surfaced and the time I was trying to be grounded to reality and not speak anything funny/stupid.”


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4. “Real fresh bhang is very relaxing. Every year on Holi we get a guy to come home and grind leaves and make bhang fresh. Bhang golis sold commercially are all rubbish and make you sick.”


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5. This was my 4th experience with bhang. I literally felt like flying, soul was disconnected from body, skin was shivering, completely dried mouth I felt like I’ll never become normal again But anyhow I enjoyed it with dim lights and music. Overall I don’t know that was bad trip or not but that experience was surely crazy.


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6. “The effects took longer than what I anticipated, about 3 hours. At first, the voices around me started to merge together and I needed to pay close attention to figure out what are people around me actually talking about. Then I felt as if I am Spongebob taken out of water. I tried to bring up saliva into my mouth but I failed and it appeared as if something is sucking all the water from me.”


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7. “Today morning when I woke up I still felt the sensation of being high. I have taken bhang goli before but it never lasts for more than 12 hours. This time it did.”


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8. “Several times. It’s more intense than smoking the plant and lasts longer. Fun times.”


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9. I had natural bhang in limited quantity. It was fun. Giggles, and felt like you do when had alcohol. But without any side effects. No hangover, no headache, no acidity. Drove like 7 hours the next morning.


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10. Terrible amount of sleep and laughter, don’t try it.


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These stories will definitely make you want to try it, if you haven’t. That said, it’s just as important to consume bhang responsibly.