When we talk about equality, education is probably the first thing that comes to mind. This is probably because it’s more vital to living than we think of. However, layers of divide and complexities make it not so equal. In a way, accessing good education is a privilege. A privilege that shouldn’t exist in the first place. This is almost like saying that some people deserve better, solely because they have more money. When the truth is that some things deserve equal divide, given how the real world functions.


This also means that education is a larger factor in planning a family than we make it out to be. These insights into school fees are an eye opener.

1. “I just went to a school for pre-nursery admission for my little one and they asked for 1.5 lakhs admission fees. ₹35K enrollment fees. Not to forget there’s a ₹35K security fees as well.”


2. As COVID curves came down, I recently wanted to get my kids admitted to Nursery school. But, the fees these private schools are charging is horrendous.


3. “Check fee structure of The British School in Delhi. It’s around 19-20 lakhs for nursery! And I’m not even sure it is the most expensive one.”



4. “Parents always knew raising a child in India – with its broken model of education – is expensive, and turning more so. Actual numbers support this belief. As per ET Online research, the overall expenditure of schooling a child in India in a private school from age 3 to age 17 is a whopping ₹30 lakh.”


5. “The donation to join and simple stuff as the canteen, uniforms are too expensive for common people. The shoes which come from the uniform shop as part of the uniform are Nike which were worth ₹3K back in like 2012-13 which was a huge deal at the time.”


6. “Delhi NCR is considered one of the most expensive regions in India in terms of cost of living. The high expenses incurred by schools on rent, maintenance, and staffing often result in higher school fees. Many schools in Delhi NCR have a high brand value due to their reputation for quality education and excellent academic results. Parents are often willing to pay a premium for their children’s education in such schools, leading to higher fees.”



7. Currently the British School of Delhi is most expensive school of Delhi with annual fees estimated up to ₹5 lakh and ₹55 thousand Indian rupees which is way more expensive than normal private schools in Delhi.


8. “Private schools are for profit organisations. They need to fund all the activities going on in the school and generate a handsome profit.

Possible reasons include:

  • Every school is upgrading itself to the smart-class model, which increases the input cost sharply.
  • Paucity of good teachers, makes the school shell out more for the same teacher.
  • Ever rising labour costs.”


9. “The fee structure for class 11 and 12 in good private schools can vary widely depending on the location, reputation, facilities, and curriculum of the school. Generally, private schools tend to have higher fees compared to public schools due to additional facilities and resources. It’s best to directly contact the specific private schools you are interested in to inquire about their fee structure.”


10. “My kid turned 3 and I started searching for schools in near by area for his LKG. The average fee is around 50k. Middle Tier School like VIBGYOR charges 90k plus 40k admission fee (read it as capitation fee). Top tier schools like Horizon Gurukul charges upwards of 1.5 lakh.”



There are more complexities to something as simple as education as well.