Weddings or the idea of them sound glamorous, but they’re a lot of work. The day is mostly chaotic for the people it’s for, and too many weird things happen, most times. It’s sweet and romantic, from the outside. Big fat desi weddings are one example, where everyone is usually pissed off, disappointed or dealing with some drama. Of course, it sounds funny in retrospect.

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Like these crazy wedding stories that Redditors shared.

1. “Bride’s mom and other family members made the DJ cry (for playing the wrong music). At the end of the reception, the bride took the microphone and was about to go on a tirade but the groom took the mic from her.”


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2. “A little kid went around all the tables to steal tiny jewels used for table decoration and sprinkled them over the wedding cake. All before he stuck his finger in and tasted it.”


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3. “My cousin’s wedding. An uncle of mine was shit-faced and started offending everyone there. It was a morning wedding and he was already drunk when it started.”


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4. “When I was really young, we went to my mom’s friends’ wedding. I had the honor of throwing some rice on them and apparently threw it right in the bride’s eyes and ruined her wedding with her running off crying haha. They divorced not long after.”


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5. “At a cousin’s wedding in Kanpur. They gave strict instructions not to bring any gifts, only cash. And after the wedding, they were announcing who gave how much. I was like, WTF?”


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6. “During bidai time, the groom’s side realised that bride’s side had swapped girls. I’m not shitting you guys.”


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7. “Been to a wedding where the girl’s bf interrupted. He said cheesy lines like “I fell in love with you when I saw you for the first time, and the second time I lost my heart.” Dude had arranged for a flashmob of some kind with the bandwallahs.”


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8. “The groom’s baraat brought some fire performers with them who accidentally burned the stage.”


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9. “Last year I went to a wedding where the bride collapsed walking into the reception and had to be ambulanced out of her own wedding. Turns out she had been frantically taking care of last minute wedding details the last few days and had almost zero sleep. She was running entirely on Redbull.” 


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10. At my cousin’s wedding, during the reception, a guy came in, took pictures with the bride and groom, danced, hung out and ate lots of food. Then few weeks later, we ask who he was and no one knew. He was not related to anyone. Turns out, he was wedding crasher.”


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11. “The bride took a tumble during her grand entrance. Her jooda (hair bun) came loose and the big artificial hair bun fell off completely, so she ran back to her room and refused to come out. We had dinner and left and later learnt that the groom had to persuade her to come for pheras. No reception or photo shoot.”


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Makes one think twice about having a wedding to get married, at all.