We keep talking about change, and building a better place. But change is action, and not just words. It needs to be DONE, performed and worked for. So, if we want clean places, we have to do more than just crib about it – we need to work for them. And Indore has turned into a literal example – now that we talk about the ‘secrets’ of the cleanest city in India.

Hindustan Times

The thing with change and revolution is that things don’t happen overnight – it’s a process. In a video by the The BarberShop with Shantanu, where they talk about what changed in the city, that created the difference. And the fact is that it started with the mindset, in making people realize why a clean and healthy city matters. Even if that meant creating catchy jingles like Indore hua hai number one, to get civilians to act.

Waste Management

Of course it also required officials and organization to work with citizens – including the Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) and a number of NGOs. By eliminating garbage dumps and achieving 100% household-waste segregation, the city has made tremendous strides. Moreover, the IMC has effectively converted waste materials into valuable resources such as compost and fuel.

Indore Municipal Corporation

Now, the city’s solid waste management serves as a testament to the potential for cleaning up urban areas across India when municipal bodies, NGOs, and citizens come together. People were also taught about waste segregation and the need for it in households. The Indore Municipal Corporation launched a helpline and mandated that all issues must be registered and resolved within a 48-hour time frame.

This built a relationship between the municipal corporation and the people. And when we see someone working hard for a collective goal, we are driven to work as well.

Cleanest City in India
Deccan Herald

In Indore’s case, the city realized the need to change, and the need to work together to be that change. And that got them to the goal. The thing with getting something good or achieving something distant is that anyone wants to put the effort to keep it that way. So when Indore transformed into the clean city that it is today, people did things to keep that intact.