Humans of Bombay has been in news and on the internet a lot lately, majorly because of one event that spiraled into a number of other events. The firm that is known to share stories of people in different formats, sued a similar firm and competitor called, People of India. The firm filed a copyright lawsuit against POI.

After this happened, Brandon Stanton, creator of Humans of New York called out Humans of Bombay for filing a copyright suit on someone for telling stories. This is particularly because Humans of Bombay picked the format for HONY in the first place – something that Brandon pointed out.

When Humans of Bombay responded, people couldn’t help but point out the hypocrisy and ignorance in their response. A number of people mentioned that it was wrong on the firm’s part to disregard the original idea. Others shared their experiences of sharing stories with Humans of Bombay – adding that the firm’s work monetizes off stories that ‘look good’ for the internet.

There are a lot of very valid opinions, and experiences that put more light on the firm’s work.