The impact of the aurora borealis is not just about the visual spectacle. There is something about experiencing this phenomenon that people cannot move on from. It makes sense – given that we feel moved even by the sight of it on our laptop screens. So when these colourful lights were visible in not only the UK but also parts of the US, Canada, and Australia last week, people felt FOMO like never before.


Understandably, Indians felt like there was some kind of personal attack here, because it doesn’t make sense for the entire world to witness the northern lights. IT JUST CANNOT BE TRUE.

The good thing about Indians (as people) is the fact that we make do. We live in denial. When not that, jugaad is our motto, and there’s nothing that truly disappoints us because we ‘manage’. This time, it meant finding our own aurora borealis in little things – quite literally. No, seriously, there is no metaphor here. Here’s what we mean.

As Phil Dunphy once said: “The most amazing things that can happen to a human being can happen to you, if only you lower your expectations.”