I don’t mean to diss on people who do affirmations but with all due respect, you all take things too far at times. However, that’s not my main point. What I really want to say is that if we are discussing good parts of life, realistically there should be a discussion around scary ones too. This is why I like the page Disappointing Affirmations, and I know I am not the only one. Here are some of our favourite posts on that page that serves realness.

1. Thank you, Admin, means a lot.

2. I know.

3. Totally agreed.

4. I can’t believe I am in-charge of my life.

5. Every day.

6. Guilty.

7. “Fuck this, fuck that, fuck you”.

8. The right kind of attitude, in my opinion.

9. On it.

10. Personal attack but I appreciate it.

Life is so beautiful, no?

H/T: disappointingaffirmations