From extravagant vacations to expensive presents, people spend big bucks on their loved ones when they are in ‘love’. While most people don’t ask for their money or gifts after drifting apart, there are a bunch of people who do.

However, this man, who brought his ex-crush presents on her birthday, wanted her to return all the money he paid for them!

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Tracy Tan, the man’s ex-crush, revealed that she received a message from a man who had a crush on her, three years ago. He demanded her to pay the money, which was around ₹18,000, for a gift he brought her on her birthday, saying that he needs it for his venture. The man also sent his bank account details.

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She couldn’t respond to his messages since she was driving at that time. The man, therefore, messaged her friend, who was also shocked. The man later messaged his ex-crush and confirmed when would she be sending the money.

Finally, she gave him the money and sent him the receipt of the transaction as well. 

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Calling him cheap, she told him to not give presents to woo someone as gifts cannot be returned, especially after a long time. Apparently, he did not contact her again after he received his money.

The woman took to her social media account and shared the screenshots. She also urged people to not give anybody any presents if they want them back. She revealed that she wanted to return his presents but he refused back then.

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I have personally been in this situation and man, the entire incident shook me as well!