Among the many guests who attended President Biden’s state dinner for PM Narendra Modi, several industrialists were present as well. And when we talk about Indian industrialists, we cannot not mention Mukesh & Nita Ambani. The Ambanis attended the event, and people understandably are talking about it – more specifically, something Mukesh Ambani did.

Nita & Mukesh Ambani at the state dinner in the US

When the couple entered the White House for the state dinner, there were media-persons photographing and interviewing the guests. So, when Nita & Mukesh Ambani arrived, media-persons (and us, viewers) were expecting them to pose for the cameras. A video shows Mukesh Ambani rushing Nita Ambani, when it looked like she wanted to pose.

Video from the state dinner

So, even Nita Ambani was hoping to get photographed, but someone else had other plans. And the internet has a lot to say about it.

Watch the clip here:

This is literally every desi dad at family functions.