A nation that doesn’t respect its women can never speak up for them, or their rights – that’s a given. However, it gets concerning when the people who have the power say things that are straight up derogatory. What they say or do lays the future for the rest of us – and when the future is concerning, it’s scary. A recent remark by Nitish Kumar in the Bihar Assembly is an example.

Nitish Kumar
The Economic Times

He talked about women’s education and it’s relation with population control. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar provided a comprehensive explanation in the state Assembly about how a well-educated woman can influence and control her husband during intercourse. He said, “With education, a woman knows how to restrain a man and this is the reason, the numbers (of births) are coming down.”

Nitish Kumar

The Chief Minister also used facial and hand gestures, that were obscene to look at. When he talked about women, in context to intercourse and education, the language became very derogatory. Understandably, these gestures or remarks shouldn’t get a free pass anywhere, but to imagine it at a platform like the state assembly, makes it all the more terrible.

Indian Express

The state of the nation and the society for women might never get matter, and that’s not an over-exaggeration.