We can always have a lot to worry about, and still find ways to get offended by other things that don’t even impact us. For instance, personal lives of people, especially when it comes to celebrities. We are hypocritical like that – we like them as long as they bring us something. The moment they are ‘human’, we stop caring. We actually go to lengths to shame them for their choices. The recent news around Sania Mirza’s divorce is just one example.

Sania Mirza

The former Indian Tennis player has been under radar ever since Shoaib Malik shared pictures from his wedding with Sana Javed. In doing so, people not only intervened a tad too much, but also felt the need to troll her. It’s like one of those “told you so” moments. And let’s just face it, they do not come from concern, they come from a sense of superiority.

A number of people on the internet pointed out that it was bound to happen, given how there are two different ideologies (and nations) involved in the marriage. Others stooped to a point where they suggested that taking away Sania Mirza’s citizenship is the right thing to do. Even the people who “seem to care” say that she should’ve known better.

We must realize that it’s not our space to comment at all – that the ability to follow celebrities’ lives doesn’t give us the right to critique them. Then there’s logic. The fact that divorces happen, and you cannot know or judge if a relationship will work. Of course, expecting THAT or any form of empathy is bound to end in disappointment, because we are not a society that gets it. We are a society that considers the end of a relationship, the end of the world.

The only human and logical thing to do right now, is leave the person and her family alone. To let it be, for once. Something, the family did ASK for.


Then again, we are almost incapable of that – these opinions are proof:


Thankfully, there are people who have been standing up for her. As we all should.

The weird part is that the simple thing to do is not react, but we go out of our way to do otherwise.