It’s one thing to like actors, it’s another to put them on a pedestal; and often, when that happens, we lose the plot. In a recent incident, Salman Khan fans burst crackers inside a theatre in Maharashtra. The fans were excited about Tiger 3, and hence ‘celebrated’ – in which they took things too far.

Tiger 3

This was a risky move, and the fact that people didn’t recognize the dangers associated with the act is deeply concerning. It’s shocking that none of the people involved in the incident acknowledge the repercussions that could’ve been – because they clearly knew what they were doing.

Salman Khan Fans Burst Crackers

To put multiple lives in danger is another one of our lows, and it says so much about the kind of society that we’ve turned into. Understandably, the authorities are also at fault here. However, to think that someone would go as far as to burst crackers in a theatre is… something. No excitement or ‘love’ for any actor justifies this.

The internet surely agrees.

What a weird, weird world it has become.