Can you imagine a life without light? Or wait, that’s too extreme. Can you imagine one without the Internet or cell phones? Back when the moon landing was only a fantasy, there were things (we do now) that could exist in the wildest dreams of the past generations. But perhaps this is a pattern. Perhaps, 1000 years from now, our ways of the world will become obsolete and may come across as scandalous to future generations.


Well, people online are discussing exactly those things that they think — if not hope — would turn obsolete. Redditor u/SixandNoQuarter posed this question on r/AskReddit community, and the answers are worth looking at.


1. “Post your childrens’ lives online!”

– tetrisqueen_15

2. “Being attached to a plastic rectangle with a glass screen almost 24/7. Once I went to a school that was almost completely silent during lunch break because every kid was playing something on their phones or watching some tiktok/Instagram on earphones.”

– vksdann


3. “The way we treat cancer, hopefully.”

– Stummi

4. “Pollute the shit out of our oceans.”

– HairyChest69


5. “Living without a cure for flu and cold.”

– theassassintherapist

6. “Manually browsing the Internet, using keyboards. In a few years, you’ll ask the AI for information and that’s it”

– ReasonableBear5084

7. “Single-use plastic water bottles.”

– telemon5

8. “How often we have to charge things that we use. Seems like we’ll have better energy sources for personal devices that don’t require daily charging.”

– alligatorcree


9. “12-hour shifts. Especially for healthcare workers.”

– SignatureOutside8432

10. “Spending most of your time working. I really hope future generations get more leisure time than we do because having to work 9+ hours a day to stay afloat just doesn’t leave much time/energy for much else. I’m tired of fitting all my relationships, hobbies, joys, etc, in the margins of my life.”

– DearestComrade


I see flying cars and holographic video calls in a not-so-distant future. Perhaps, 5000 years from now, our way of living appears berserk to then-humanity. Or, humankind has found another planet and life we know as it doesn’t exist on Earth. Okay, I’ve become too far-fetched.