Okay, it’s high time some things are normalized. You see, at the moment, such are the ways of the world that exceedingly ordinary things can evoke awkwardness, offence, and even debate just because people aren’t used to them. For instance, asking for OUR money back. And this is the simplest example.

things to normalise

Last month, an X user asked people to name things they think should be normalized. And they pointed out seemingly simple things that — we don’t know why — are still so complicated. We also asked around, and we, as a society, should take the responses in all seriousness.

1. “Normalize asking your parents why they are shouting.”

– @isabellayonce

2. “Normalize saying ‘NO’ to a party just because you don’t feel like it. I don’t want to have to attend every social event. Nor do I wish to hurt anyone.”

– Raghu

things to normalize

3. “Normalize 30-min afternoon naps please. It can really heighten the productivity.”

– Bhumi

4. “Normalize cutting off people who drain your happiness even if it hurts. you’ll get over it.”

– @I_Am_Winter

5. “Telling your superiors your POV.”

– @Abuu__IVII

it's high time these things are normalised

6. “Taking a dump in the office washroom.”

– Anonymous

7. “Shutting up if you don’t know anything about a topic.”


it's high time these things are normalized

8. “Normalize correcting f*cked up opinions your parents/relatives/elders may possess because society didn’t tell them any better.”

–  Adi

9. Being kind to strangers on the Internet.”

– @softcatgf

10. “4 working days instead of 5.”

– @1Dragos1

it's high time these things are normalized

11. “Normalize not having watched Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, MCU movies. I don’t want to watch movies because the world wants me to.”

–  Shagun

12. “Normalize not being offended when people ask for their own money you borrowed.”

– @EssienEkow

it's high time these things are normalized

13. “Normalize not drinking and smoking in a corporate set-up and still be able to make connections.”

– Anonymous

14. “Normalize shutting the fuck up between 6 am and 10 am. Why you so talkative early in the morning.”

– @Obitoswarmask

15. “Accepting kind gestures without feeling undeserving.”

– @BebeMother

it's high time these things are normalized

16. “Normalize taking a break in an argument to regain composure and recenter the conversation on what’s important.”

– @cionmami

17. “Normalize not posting relationships, food, your whole life online.”

– Ishu

it's high time these things are normalized

I’d say, it’s probably the HIGHEST time we normalize taking Period Leaves and stop debating their significance.