In my free time, I read Wikipedia. You may ask, “Hey, what about partying or having a life in general?”, and to that I will say, this is my party, this is my life. I enjoy knowing things and getting so deep into stuff that I scare myself at times. So naturally, I appreciate information-imparting accounts and one of them is Aaj Maine Jana on Reddit.

I’d advice that you cross-check things before believing them but this is a good starting point.

1. Had no idea about this but makes total sense, actually.

2. Fact-checked this, it’s true. Though a lot of people might know this already.

3. So random, love it.

4. Didn’t teach me about Karma, did give me trust issues.

5. Bigger than my house. Bigger than my house. Bigger than my house.

6. Here’s where you can read the very interesting story of Pedongi.

7. Wouldn’t have thought about this on my own.

8. This looks yum!

9. Apparently, you get 8 seconds to announce your price.

10. So satisfying!

Ooo, fodder for more internet surfing!