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Feb 16, 2016 at 10:04

This Indian Couple Got Featured On Nat Geo For Living Their Dream & Setting Unrealistic Travel Goals

by Divya Chauhan

Her life revolved around micro-computers and circuit-boards, and he switched his job from animation to print to web to advertising, before they decided to quit their jobs, sell their house and travel the world. 

Meet Sandeepa and Chetan, one of the top travel bloggers in India who sold their house to start exploring travel and photography as a way of life.

Source: SandeepaChetan's Travel Blog

"Reactions from family and friends initially ranged from 'This is amazing! Go for it!' to 'What’s wrong with you? It’s time for you to have kids, not travel!'", says the couple. 

But that didn't stop them from fulfilling their dream of travelling the world.

Source: Sandeepa Chetan's Travel Blog

"The only way for us to generate funds for such an ambitious trip was to sell the house," recalls the couple.

Source: SandeepaChetan's Travels Facebook

Not only are they on the list of top travel bloggers in India but have been featured in publications like National Geographic and Yahoo Travel.

Source: SandeepaChetan's Travels Facebook

When asked about their funniest experience by Ithaka Blog, the couple said,

"We were in Sucre, Bolivia, and our knowledge of Spanish at that point was next to nothing. We did however know that chicken was called ‘pollo’. We walked into a restaurant and ordered ‘pollo’, the only thing we knew. A girl then walked to our table and started asking questions. We had no idea what she was saying! After a while, she started pointing to her legs, breasts and made flapping gestures, asking us if we wanted the legs, breasts or the wings of the chicken. Every time we think of that exchange, we burst out laughing."
Source: SandeepaChetan's Travel Blog

Not only they are travel bloggers but are great photographers as well. Check these breathtaking pictures out that the couple took when they were on the voyage of their life: 

The beautiful Machu Pichu ruins sitting in between the valleys leading to Amazon on one side and the high Andes on the other

Source: Ithaka Blog

The spectacular Perito Moreno Glacier, El Calafate in Argentina

Source: Ithaka Blog

 The wonderful artists performing near Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

Source: Ithaka Blog

See the houses along the lake in Bariloche, Argentina. Such warm and welcoming colours!

Source: SandeepaChetan's Travels Facebook

It must have been a pretty special morning for the couple watching the sunrise like that in Bolivia

Source: SandeepaChetan's Travels Facebook

There were times when their ATM cards did not work and they had no cash, had fights, and even considered ditching the trip and going back home but they kept travelling. 

"I don’t believe in retirement. For many travelling is a retirement plan and we are already doing this so indirectly this is the life we would like to continue forever", says Chetan.

The couple is now planning for a trip to New Zealand.

Kudos to you two!

You can read their whole interview here.

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