20’s are the best years of our lives. With the perfect amount of youthful energy and a growing sense of responsibility, this decade is one that is always filled with the most valuable memories! However, there are some cool products which can make these years even better! Products like…

1. A dishwasher

Because there are more important things to do in your twenties than washing dishes!


2. A microwave

For those late night hunger pangs.


3. A good smartphone

Because lags are so last generation!


4. A filtered coffee maker

Because good coffee will make those impossible deadlines days easier to achieve!


5. A bottle of single malt

Which is never opened because you can’t afford to restock frequently just yet!


6. A business suit for those interviews / presentations

You never know when you might have a change of heart and decide to switch to a different job!


7. An electric tooth brush

So you have no excuse to skip brushing your teeth even when you are hammered!


8. An insurance plan to make sure there is enough for you in the future.

Because the recklessness of this decade is justified only if you have a safety net.


9. A pair of classy shoes

Because whether it is accurate or not, people WILL judge you by the shoes you wear!


10. A good perfume

Because only teenagers and anti-environmentalists wear deodorants!


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