“It’s what’s inside that matters. I’m confused inside, because I just ate some sweet and sour.” – Jarod Kintz

Unprecedented exposure to so many things has left our generation thoroughly confused. Because we know too much, we cannot decide what we want. Confusion has become second nature to us, but we are okay with that.

But in our darkest moments, these are the questions that haunt us.

1. While to our parents, it was clear that they wanted to move to a bigger city, we aren’t so sure anymore. Big city life or a laid back life in the mountains?


2. Our parents had the arranged vs. love marriage debate. We, on the other hand, wonder if we should get married at all or not.


3. And if we do decide on the affirmative, having a baby is no longer the next obvious step. We agonise over whether we want to be parents or not.


4. If we decide we do want to have children, we no longer know when the right time is.


5. Our parents had it easy when it came to career – doctor / engineer / lawyer (if you were bold and rebellious). But we have way too many options, and simply can not pick one.


6. Speaking of career, we also struggle with whether we want to pick one career path and dedicate our lives to it, or try out something new every few years because, you know, we can.


7. With access to so many different cuisines, we can’t decide if we should please our palate and eat all we want, or restrain ourselves and eat healthy.


8. Our YOLO generation can’t decide whether to save and then spend, or whether to spend and then save.


9. The quintessential question: Do we stick to our cushy job which gets us that guaranteed pay check every month or do we start something of our own?


10. We want to see the world. And that leaves us confused about whether to save up for that backpacking trip across South America, or to buy a house.


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