We’ve all been on Internet binges before; whether we were endlessly browsing videos on YouTube, or on an Alice-in-Wonderland-ish spree of reading extraordinarily random facts on wiki pages, or even when doing practical research on intermingling (of seemingly mutated) genitalia and its connection to our lifelessness. I mean watching porn; just being obscure because of the ban.

However, In my most recent binge, which took place exclusively on Wikipedia, it was the macabre and the morbid that kept me going. Here are ten pages that made me regret moving out of my mum’s house.

1. Raymond “Ray” Robinson

A real man who was made into a myth.

Raymond was a man whose face became severely disfigured following a childhood accident in which an electric line of 22000 volts jolted him. He would take long walks at night to avoid causing panic to public. The people in Pennsylvania who spotted him at night made up ghost stories around his appearance and thus, the urban legend of “The Green Man” began. To find out more, check this out.

2. Death of Elisa Lam

An unsolved mystery that took place in an ill-fated location.

This story went viral on the Internet just a few years back. Elisa Lam, a Canadian student, was found dead in one of the water tanks on top of Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, California on 9th February, 2013. This story gained much more notoriety than it would’ve because of many creepy facts surrounding it; Cecil Hotel’s macabre past , the last seen CCTV footage of Elisa and the similarities between the 2005 film Dark Water and the real life incident .

3. Oscar the Therapy Cat

A highly intelligent, albeit creepy feline.

Oscar is a therapy cat who works in a nursing home in Rhode Island, USA. He is apparently able to predict the deaths of terminally ill patients. He would make rounds of the patient rooms and whomsoever he curled up against and slept next to would die within few hours of his arrival. He was so accurate in this that the hospital made it a policy to inform the relatives of dying patients whenever Oscar would sleep next to them! Here is the Wiki link .

4. Post-Mortem Photography

This was the folkway during Victorian times.

In the Victorian era, photography was still a new phenomenon. People would go through their whole lives not being clicked. So in case they died before they could, their families would then dress up the recently deceased and then pose with them for a picture. To check out more poses, go hither .

5. Armin Meiwes

A tale of cannibalism and consent that reminds us that aberrant behaviour can be hard to fathom.

Armin Meiwes made international news when he made a video of himself killing and then eating Jürgen Armando Brandes, a voluntary victim . The victim had responded to an advertisement that Meiwes had posted on a now defunct Internet forum called Cannibal Cafe . During his time in prison, Armin Meiwes has become vegetarian. Find out more here .

6. Shaye Saint John

A man with an overly dark sense of humour.

One of the creepiest videos I’ve seen on the Internet, called “HAND THING” , is how I found out about this Wikipedia entry. Shaye is actually a fictional character cooked up by a man called Eric Fournier, who is behind this Internet phenomenon . Although intended to be comical, the video and character come across as not so innocent. Check out their webpage . Also, check out the wiki article .

7. Hanging of “Murderous Mary”

This incident showed us how much we needed to self introspect.

One of the eeriest pictures that I saw on a Wikipedia page, this story is often quoted as an example of circus animal abuse. To find out more about what happened, click here .

8. Chris Benoit Double Murder and Homicide

A very disturbing coincidence on Wikipedia in a highly publicised case.

While the case itself was scarring, a statement regarding Nancy Benoit’s death was added to the Chris Benoit Wikipedia article, which made things more harrowing. This statement was added 14 hours before police reported discovering the bodies of Benoit and his family . The IP address of the editor was traced to Stamford, Connecticut, which is also where the headquarters of WWE is located. Find out more about the case here .

9. Vladimir Demikhov

To some, he’s an innovator, for others, he may be a stark madman.

He had pioneered many different transplantation surgeries in the 20th century, including one in 1954, which was a head transplant. Later on, he became notorious for various head transplantation experiments that he recorded. The Wikipedia page contains only a picture of a transplant done by him in 1959, however nothing beats some actual footage . Not for the faint of head.

To find out more about him, read this .

10. List of People Who Disappeared Mysteriously

A list on Wikipedia that seems both full of and devoid of humanity at the same time.

This is creepy only because of how elaborate it is. It begins with 71 BC and records many disappearances till 2012. It has a list solved cases as well. To go through the list, click here .

You can go ahead and get some sleep now.