Let’s face it! We can’t be everywhere at the same time. While we are stuck here, there will always be some other place where we want to be or are supposed to be. But circumstances and distances prevent us from being there.

This is where video calling comes in. Thank God for technology. At least it solves half our problems. Here are 10 instances where video calling regularly saves the day:

1. Long distance relationship

If it wasn’t for video calling, your relationship would never last.


2. Job interview

You want to apply for a job in another city or country. But you can’t go there just for an interview. Can you?


3. Talking to your parents

How else are you going to talk to your parents if you live far, far away. If it wasn’t for video calling, how would your parents see their new-born grand kids?


4. Getting instructions

From your mother teaching you how to cook a particular dish to getting instructions from customer care, video calling is a constant saviour.


5. Conference calls

If your office has different branches or some of the colleagues are out of station, conference calls are your only hope of having regular meetings.


6. Matchmaking

You are looking for a prospective bride/groom but the person is in a different city. How else would you talk to them and know what they’re like until you actually decide to meet them in person?


7. Friends living far away

You and your friends spent all your time together in school or college but life has taken you all to different places. But thanks to video calling, all of you can chat and see each other at the same time.


8. Seminars

Thanks to video conferencing, we can now have seminars where the speaker needn’t be in the same city as you.


9. Celebrities interacting with their fans

Celebrities regularly reach out to their fans. If not for video chatting, you would never get to see them. And a phone call is just not the same!


10. IndusInd Bank Video Branch Service

Now you don’t have to go all the way to the bank. IndusInd Bank provides face to face banking with their new v ideo branch service. By using this service, you can connect with your Branch Manager, Relationship Manager or with the centralized Video Branch Executive.

Banking has never been this convenient!