They say there are 9 doppelgangers for each person across the world. Now, we’re not sure who “they” are but it seems like we definitely found one doppelganger of Mr. Subrato Roy. It’s the late Saddam Hussein! Now Mr. Subrato Roy definitely has a lot on his plate what with the ink throwing and the court cases. Perhaps, he too needs to hide in a hole right now like his doppelganger. Here are 10 photos that prove Saddam Hussein is Subrata Roy’s doppelganger.1. Both are media favourites. Subrata maybe a little bit more these days.

2. Flashing that ‘charming’ smile.

3. Even the jawline is similar. Damn! Or should I say Saddamn!

4. Either they both have the same dentist or they really are long lost twins.

5. Both giving their dead-serious looks.

6. Ok, this pic has us confused who really is who?!

7. This one takes the cake. Quite literally.

8. Team Saddam & Team Sahara.

9. Hail Sad-Roy.

10. Taking their respective cars for a spin.