House hunting, whether to rent or to buy, is one of the hardest things to do for people our age. Unlike anything else you might look for, there’s no “room” for compromise. Your house has to be just right.

Here are ten problems you’ll face when you’re looking for a new house:

1. First of all, there’s a crazy amount of research to be done.

You feel like you’re in school again.

2. You’d think checking out houses is the easy bit.

Taking time out of the daily grind to do that is a totally different story.

3. And when you do get the time, there’s the travelling.

It’ll seem like you’re travelling half the country just to check out one place.

4. In fact, you’ll probably spend all your rent money on your “look and see” expedition.

5. When you’re out to rent, be prepared for a surprise.

The house you’re shown will be nothing like what was promised.

6. And when you’re looking to buy, the builders promise one thing, but deliver something else.

They’ll swear it’s going to be the next Lodhi Estate even though they haven’t started building yet.

7. And then, just when you think you’ve found the perfect place, you take a look at the rent and…

8. The harsh reality of real estate prices will hit you smack in the face.

9. The places you can afford are invariably in the middle of nowhere.

That means no Metro, autos or buses for miles.

10. And more often than not, a well connected, decent property will cost as much as a villa on a private island.

Or atleast, it’ll seem like it.

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