Do you want others to like you but are never sure about what they think of you? We all want to be liked, but we don’t always know how to act in order to make that happen. Well, there is some good news. There are simple things that you can do which would make others subconsciously develop a liking for you. With calculated mind control, you can become everyone’s favourite person!

Here’s how:

1. In a conversation, remember to make a jibe at yourself.

Being able to laugh at yourself will not only make you happier, but also instantly make other people comfortable around you.

2. To make the conversation interesting, pop in a fun fact or two.

Not only will this help break the ice, it will also make you seem knowledgable.

3. Always let others finish what they are saying without interrupting.

It will make you look polite, patient and attentive.

4. When you smile, you look more attractive and personable.

Not only this, research shows that having white teeth can make you look 20% more attractive by making you look five years younger. To get impressive white teeth, try Colgate Visible White Plus Shine .

5. When meeting someone new, pretend that they are either the dumbest person you have ever met or someone you have known for a long time.

This will help you feel confident while talking to them and confidence is a likeable quality.

6. On the first date, do something fun and exciting.

The rush of hormones will instantly form a special bond between the two of you.

7. When you give someone a compliment, make sure you are being genuine.

Most people can instinctively tell flattery from a compliment that is well-meant.

8. Greeting people enthusiastically and excitedly will make them instantly warm up to you.

Notice how you can not help but fall in love with a dog who is thrilled to see you? That’s the trick.

9. To show someone that you have been listening to them attentively, repeat what they have said in your own words.

10. God gave us one mouth and two ears for a reason. Don’t make the conversation entirely about yourself.

At the same time, be candid when you are the topic of the conversation. People like honesty.

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