"All good hotels tend to lead people to do things they wouldn't necessarily do at home." - Andre Balazs

A hotel room is home away from home. It's a home without rules or responsibilities, where we can be as childish / messy / lazy as we'd like. This usually makes us do some silly things when we check-in to a hotel, that we otherwise probably wouldn't.

Here are just a few things we do when we stay at a hotel.

1. Taking super long (read: an entire day) indulgent baths.

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2. Trying on every toiletry provided.

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3. Even if you will never use the toiletries provided at the hotel, you bag them anyway.

4. Watching copious amounts of TV because you're on vacation.

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5. Spending too much time enjoying the view from your window.

6. And admiring your (im)perfect self in the full-length mirror.

7. Getting carried away and ordering too much food.

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8. Asking the concierge to give you a wake-up call.

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9. You scrutinise the mini-bar but decide to get your booze from the local shop down the road.

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10. You spend more time in the bathroom than you do in the bedroom, because it is so slick.

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