We Indians are an emotional race – we are deeply affected by everything. And every once in a while we come across things that makes us go #OhTeri. We bring you a few things which make us go ‘Whoa’ or, in other words, our favourite #OhTeri moments:

1. When we see an awesome deal on something we have been wanting to buy.

2. When we get an invitation to a destination wedding.

3. When we see a hot firang in our neighbourhood.

4. When we visit a place where there are no cows / dogs on the streets.

5. When our BFF starts dating a hottie.

6. When we see an item of clothing priced higher than 700 rupees.

7. When your normally kanjoos friend picks up the tab.

8. When we spot a celebrity.


9. When our fathers get emotional.

We do too.

10. When our mothers agree with something we have to say.

It happens rarely!

We do get a little melodramatic when we get surprises. Acer brings one that will REALLY make you go #OhTeri . You can now buy an Acer laptop with 0% interest on EMI, 2 year warranty AND a holiday for two! If THAT doesn’t make you go #OhTeri, nothing will!


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